Please help PzG if you can! – Third Reich Store under attack

Recently credit card companies decided to blacklist any company they deem “hateful.” This includes PzG. They are no longer able to process credit cards. They sell replica artifacts from the Third Reich.

If you can possibly make a donation to help them out, or buy something, please consider doing so! The text below is from an e-mail I received from them. I chose to be on their mailing list.

“!! Auf Wiedersehen !!

In response to this attack on free speech and our ability to no longer accept credit cards operational funds are dwindling fast. We do not have the resources to fight a legal battle as some have suggest. We are and have always been a simple family enterprise with a deep interest in the facts of history. But, sadly in today’s political climate it isn’t enough.

Soon our website will be gone.
Soon our ability to send email newsletters will be gone.

We would like to encourage you to continue to send donations and orders to us (after first checking for availability through email) by USPS making payments by cash, check and money orders (remember to add $8 USA and 40% International for shipping) and sending to the address below.

PzG Inc.
PO Box 3972
Rapid City, SD 57709-3972

This is an end of an era and a difficult time for our family but the dogs will keep us moving on as best we can from this heavy blow. Please know from the bottom of our hearts how much each of you have meant to our family.

God Bless”

Please if you can, help them! They have a number of wonderful things. Books, CDs, DVDs, Flags, Banners, Posters, Medals, Pins, Busts, Cards, and Calendars. I have bought from them in the past, and I can vouch that they fulfill all order. They also do not share your billing or contact information with ANYONE else. It is safe and secure with them. Thank you.

British Hostility Toward Germany After Munich


Hitler’s Bid for British Friendship

Chapter 8-  The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed, David L Hoggan

The Anglo German relationship was the most important European issue after the Munich conference. An Anglo-German understanding could mean peace, prosperity, and security for Europe. A new Anglo-German war would bring destruction, ruin, and despair. The former condition would offer nothing to the doctrine of Bolshevism, which thrived on human misery. The latter situation would present a unique opportunity for expansion to the Bolshevist leaders. It is not to be wondered that the Bolshevist leaders hated the Munich conference which had prevented an Anglo-German war. They feared that from its aftermath a permanent Anglo-German understanding would emerge. [1]

The British attitude toward Germany was the crux of the problem. The attitude of Hitler toward Great Britain was favourable from the standpoint of establishing the permanent peace between the two nations which…

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